Xiaomi appears to be the latest company to follow this concerning trend

Xiaomi appears to be the latest company to follow this concerning trend
Redmi 13 | Image credit — Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer, might be following in the footsteps of its competitors by removing chargers from its phone boxes. This speculation arises from the recent release of their Redmi 13 series in Europe, which notably does not include a charger in the package.

This move, while not officially confirmed by Xiaomi, could signal a significant shift in the company's approach. It could mean that future Xiaomi phones, especially those released in Europe, might also come without chargers. However, it's possible that the company's higher-end models might still include a charger as a differentiating factor.

Currently, Xiaomi recommends using their 33W Type-A charging combo for the Redmi 13, which suggests that the company may be transitioning towards a model where chargers are sold separately. This aligns with a trend adopted by several other major smartphone manufacturers in recent years. Proponents of this approach argue that it reduces electronic waste, as many users already have multiple chargers lying around. Additionally, it allows manufacturers to potentially lower phone prices by removing the cost of including a charger in the box.

The specs for the Redmi 13 on the Xiaomi website advises that there is no power adapter or data cable included in the box and suggests using the Xiaomi 33W charging combo

However, critics argue that this move creates an inconvenience for consumers who might not have a compatible charger readily available. This is especially true for those who typically sell their old phones along with the charger. Additionally, some consumers may end up purchasing lower-quality, third-party chargers to save money, which could potentially lead to safety hazards.

Xiaomi's decision could also be seen as a strategic move to increase revenue from accessory sales. By selling chargers separately, the company could potentially offset any costs associated with the removal of chargers from phone boxes.

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It remains to be seen whether this decision will be implemented across all Xiaomi devices or limited to specific models. It's also possible that this is a test run to gauge consumer reaction before making a final decision. Regardless, this move could have a significant impact on the smartphone industry and consumer behavior.

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