Weekly deals under $100: Save on the Moto G Stylus (2023), JBL headphones, and more

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Weekly deals under $100: Save up to 53% on popular Fire tablets, JBL headphones, and more
Don't have plenty of spare cash but still want to treat yourself to something nice? Well, you've certainly come to the right place. We're gearing up for the weekend with another great set of tech offers under $100! Prepare for discounts of up to 51% on budget headphones, Fire tablets, and more.

We've also got deals on pre-paid Motorola phones, top fitness trackers, and even portable Bluetooth speakers to show you. If you're looking for such tech and don't want to extend your budget of $100, stay with us!

Top 3 deals under $100 this week:

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021): now at its lowest price

Now available for 51% off its MSRP of about $195, the Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) gives you way more value for your money. This tablet sells without lockscreen ads and has never been so astonishingly affordable! Don't miss out on Amazon's deal.

JBL Live 660NC: save $101 at Amazon

The JBL Live 660NC have dropped to their lowest price for 2024! These headphones cost $200 and can usually be found for over $150, but they're now available for less than $100! With fantastic ANC, bass-heavy sound, comfortable fit, etc., they offer fantastic value for money.

JBL Flip 5 in Red: save 38% at Amazon

Snatch the old but gold JBL Flip 5 under the $80 mark through Amazon's juicy discount. The deal is only available on the model in Red. For its compact size, the speaker offers great audio quality. It's also very sturdy and ideal for outdoor adventures with its IPX7 water-resistant rating.

The 2021-launched 32GB Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus is easily the best value-for-money tablet to get this week. The model with no lockscreen ads now sells for 51% off its list price, the deepest markdown we've ever seen. In other words, you can get this $195 tablet for less than $100. How great is that!

Another awesome Amazon offer lets you snag the JBL Live 660NC at their best price for 2024. These over-ear headphones have Alexa built-in, ANC, and offer bass-heavy sound JBL fans will surely appreciate. Those now sell at half off, saving you $101!

The old but gold JBL Flip 5 is also making headlines on Amazon this week. This budget speaker enjoys a hefty 38% markdown, slamming it under the $80 mark. In case you follow discounts for this particular product, you probably know it doesn't usually get such deep price cuts and instead sells for about $90.

Dive into the world of pre-paid phones under $100!

(AT&T, prepaid) Moto G Stylus (2023): save $40

You can now get a pre-paid Moto G Stylus (2023) at Walmart for $40 less than usual. This means you can get a phone with its own-stylus for less than $60! The pre-paid phone deal is an absolute best-seller at Walmart, so don't miss out.
$59 88
$99 88
Buy at Walmart

(Straight Talk-locked) Moto G Power 5G (2023): under $80

If you're more of a Straight Talk fan, consider its pre-paid offer on the Moto G Power 5G (2023). This device usually costs just under $100, but you can get the 6.5-inch phone with 128GB of storage for just $79 through this Walmart deal.
$99 88
Buy at Walmart

(Boost Mobile-locked) Motorola Moto G 5G (2023): under $80

Boost Mobile users are in luck as well! Those can get the Moto G 5G (2023) for $20 off its list pre-paid price, making it a dream come true for cash-strapped users. The phone is now available for under $80, which sounds like a pretty awesome deal, given that the unlocked device costs almost twice as much.
$79 88
$99 88
Buy at Walmart

Sadly, we found no hot sub-$100 phone deals on unlocked phones. But you're in for lots of savings if you don't mind getting a pre-paid model. And, as usual, Walmart is the place to go for deals on pre-paid phones.

For AT&T fans, the Moto G Stylus 4G (2023) might be a good choice. This phone comes with its own stylus, a 50MP camera, Dolby Atmos speakers, and a 6.5-inch HD+ screen with 90Hz refresh rates. This phone sells for $199.99 in a fully unlocked condition and costs $100 less when locked for AT&T. But now, you can save 40% on it, landing it at just $59.88.

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In other news, you can find the Straight Talk-locked Moto G Power 5G (2023) under $80. This phone also has a fixed price of just under $100 when locked, and Walmart lets you get the Straight Talk model for $21 off.

The Moto G 5G (2023) is the most expensive of all three phones under $100 we found this week. Even so, the phone costs about $1 more than the G Power 5G (2023), so it's not a big difference. This handset arrives locked to Boost Mobile.

Relax with your favorite shows at a bargain price with these sub-$100 tablets!

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021): now 53% off at Woot

The previous Fire HD 10 tablet is now cheaper than it's ever been! Amazon-owned retailer Woot sells the 32GB model with lockscreen ads for 53% off its list price, landing it under $70. This is roughly the pice you pay for a used model at Amazon! The tablet may not be the latest iteration of the Amazon Fire HD 10 series, but it packs a punch at that price.
$69 99
$149 99
Buy at Woot

Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids (Ages 3-7): save 36% at Amazon

The 2022-released kid-friendly Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids is now 36% cheaper than usual. This means you can get it at its best price for 2024! The tablet has a 10-hour battery and comes with ad-free content and parental controls.

Amazon Fire HD 10: now $45 cheaper than usual

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) is Amazon's latest model from the Fire HD 10 series, which is now 32% cheaper than usual. This lands it at its cheapest price for 2024. The affordable Amazon tablet has a 10.1-inch 1080p Full HD display. This is a limited-time deal.

Lenovo Tab M8 Gen 4: now 14% off at Lenovo

The ultra-cheap Lenovo Tab M8 Gen 4 is once again available for a tad over $85 at the official store. We've seen the device at lower prices, but that was over three months ago. So, if you want an affordable media consumption device, this may be the one to get. With its compact 8-inch screen, it's ideal for the whole family.
$86 35
$99 99
Buy at Lenovo

As you probably expect, no Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra or M4 iPad Pro models can be found for $100. But not all is lost, for some entry-level and budget tablets will meet your budget!

For instance, you can get the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023 edition) and save $45 at the largest online seller. Don't mind getting an older model? Woot is the place to visit! This seller gives you a smashingly good 53% discount on the 2021-released Fire HD 10 model.

Fitness trackers and more under $100!

Limited-time deal knocks Amazfit GTR 3 at its best price

For the first time, we see the Amazfit GTR 3 at its lowest price ever! This is a huge 33% markdown, which lands the wearable under the $80 mark! We've previously seen it for about $90, which is not as exciting as the current discount. The GTR 3 has an AMOLED screen, an SpO2 heart rate tracker, and up to 21 days of battery life.

Amazfit Bip 5: save $10 on Amazon this week

The Amazfit Bip 5 is now available at $10 off its price tag. This is the best price we've seen for the small-sized fitness tracker. We've seen it at lower prices only in December, so this is indeed a great offer to take advantage of. The wearable has a large display, step tracking, and health monitoring. It even measures your sleep and provides VO2 Max readings.

Garmin vivosmart 4: 25% off at Amazon

The Vivosmart is currently 25% off its list price. This saves you $33 on the wearable. While not the best price ever, this is still a great discount you might want to consider. The 2019-released tracker offers sleep tracking and various activity tracking features.

(42mm) Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: best price at Walmart!

For yet another time, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is once again available at its lowest price! For less than $99, you can get one of the best timeless wearables from Galaxy. Here, you save $61, which lands it at its lowest price. Save $61 on the smartwatch with a BIA sensor and more.
$159 99
Buy at Walmart

Amazfit GTR Mini: now 10% off at Amazon

The Amazfit GTR Mini is now back at its best price on Amazon. To our knowledge, the current 10% markdown has been available only two times so far, meaning this is a top-notch deal that you should definitely consider. The GTR Mini offers up to 14 days of battery life, has sleep and step tracking, and more.

Our beloved Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with a 42mm case and Bluetooth connectivity is once again a dream come true. This wearable packs many advanced features and still offers great value for money despite its advanced age. It's again $61 cheaper at Walmart.

If you're an Amazfit fan, you have several options to choose from this week. To us, the best of those is the GTR 3 deal at Amazon. Over there, the wearable sells for 33% off its list price, but only for a short while. It has built-in Alexa, 150 sports modes, and even an AMOLED screen!

These deals on headphones are a sure hit as well!

JBL Tune 770NC are 23% off at Amazon

The recently-launched JBL Tune 770NC are now available for 23% off on Amazon. While not the best price ever, this deal is still plenty good because the headphones give you ANC, crisp and punchy bass, and more.

Save 38% on the Soundcore Sport X10 at Amazon

The Soundcore Sport X10 are now 38% cheaper, only for a limited time. The Amazon deal lands these workout earbuds at their best price at the largest online merchant. They have an IPX7 rating and offer up to eight hours of listening time per charge.

Save 30% on the JBL Tune Buds at Amazon

The JBL Tune Buds are once again 30% cheaper than usual. We have seen this deal before, but that's not to say it's worth passing it now. The earbuds actually haven't seen lower prices on Amazon since the beginning of 2024. They are stylish, have ANC, and support Bluetooth 5.3.

JBL Live Free NC+ with ANC: save 51% at Amazon

The JBL Live Free NC+ now enjoy they second-best price on Amazon. These in-ear headphones offer decent ANC without breaking the bank. Get yours for 51% off on Amazon and save big! The deal is only available on the model in White, which looks extra stylish.

The OnePlus Buds 3 are 20% off and at their best price

The OnePlus Buds 3 remain at 20% off their price tag via the official store. This is the best deal we've come across on the 2024-launched budget earbuds so far. The earbuds offer an extremely comfortable design, good ANC, respectable sound for their price, and long battery life.
$79 99
$99 99
Buy at OnePlus

Looking for the perfect pair of workout earbuds without breaking the bank? The Soundcore Space X10 are one option to go for. These may not be the absolute best option out there, but they now cost less than $50 on Amazon. The earbuds offer up to eight hours per charge or up to 32 hours with the case and are a hit for bargain hunters right now.

The exciting OnePlus Buds 3 are another great option to consider. These are 20% cheaper than usual at the official store. This means you can get a pair for just $79.99. In case you're wondering, we still haven't seen a better deal for them.

JBL fans have several options to choose from, the cheapest of which are the Tune Buds. But if you're looking for the best discount, go for the Live Free NC+ instead. They are now 51% cheaper than usual on Amazon.

Bluetooth speaker deals under $100 are easy to find this week

Sony SRS-XB23: Now 46% OFF at Amazon

Save even more on the Sony SRS-XB23 at Amazon! This speaker typically sells for about $130, but it can now be yours for less than $70. As far as we know, this is one of the lowest prices available on Amazon for 2024. The speaker offers extra bass and is a real treat at 46% off.

Score 41% in savings on the JBL Clip 4 at Amazon

Usually retailing for about $80, the JBL Clip 4 is now a whopping 41% cheaper than usual on Amazon. This is one of the lowest prices we've seen for the ultra-portable speaker, so don't sleep on it and pull the trigger on this deal now. It has a built-in clip for easy transportation.

Get the Soundcore Boom 2 at its best price and save 23%

A new limited-time deal makes the Soundcore Boom 2 cheaper than ever! The item is now 23% off at Amazon, which means it is just under the $100 mark. It has never been so cheap, so act now and get this newly launched speaker with a floatable design now!

Sony SRS-XE200: save $30 at Walmart

The Sony SRS-XE200 gives you plenty of bang for your buck at Walmart right now. This speaker is now $30 cheaper than usual, landing it at a great price. It offers good value for money with its shockproof and stylish design. Get one now and save.
$97 99
Buy at Walmart

JBL Flip 6 in Red is down to its second-best price on Amazon

Amazon offers the JBL Flip 6 in Red at its second-best price! The speaker is now 27% off its list price of about $130, making it a dream come true. With PartyBoost support, IP67 rating, and great sound for its compact size, this is a real hit for music lovers.

Do you like Soundcore speakers? Well, this Boom 2 limited-time deal at Amazon will sweep you off your feet! It knocks the newly released speaker at its best price, saving you $30.

For deeper bass, consider the Sony SRS-XB23, which is a whopping $60 off its usual price on Amazon. This one is available in limited quantities, so do keep that in mind. These and other Bluetooth speaker deals under $100 await your attention today.

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