Vote now: Would you buy a foldable iPhone?

Vote now: Would you buy a foldable iPhone?
This week we got the rumor that Apple is working on a foldable smartphone. Of course, this is a difficult job and the company seems to face multiple challenges. Considering that the early players like Samsung and Motorola also have many things to figure out, this isn't surprising.

However, Apple engineers seem to have very ambitious goals. They want to make a foldable that's as thick as a usual iPhone when folded. That means a smartphone half as thick as the current models. The crease and bump in the middle of the screen are other issues that Apple wants to resolve.

Even leaving the hardware aside, Apple seems to struggle to come up with specific features for the potential foldable iPhone. The company is looking for use cases that would make these devices an interesting purchase for many people. In the case of Apple, the company behind the bestselling smartphone in the world, "many people" means everyone.

One of the major constraints seems to be the price. Even now, foldable smartphones are more expensive than comparable non-foldable models. With the rising prices of non-foldable flagship smartphones, another super premium-priced device could backfire, even for Apple.

Apple will likely manage to come up with solutions for some of these issues and release a foldable iPhone. Certainly, there are enough people who would love a foldable smartphone but are locked in Apple’s ecosystem. Even so, it is not clear if people really want a foldable iPhone.

That’s why we are asking you - would you buy a foldable smartphone from Apple? What would make you spend the money? Are there specific issues you want to see resolved before jumping on the folding train? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Would you buy a foldable iPhone?

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