Vodafone now guarantees iPhone 14 buy back prices to meet cost-of-living challenges

Vodafone now guarantees iPhone 14 buy back prices to meet cost-of-living worries
To promote its exclusive iPhone 14 Buy-Back Guarantee service, UK carrier Vodafone has recently commissioned and published new research showing how the cost-of-living crisis has changed the shopping habits of the British people.

According to the study, because of the current financial difficulties, Brits have become a "buy back" nation. Around two-thirds (62%) of those who participated are more likely to buy an expensive item — like a new iPhone, for example — if they know that they will be able to sell it next year.

Furthermore, over four-in-10 Brits (45%) now consider the future prices of items and how they can be used to fund purchases later. And 62% of the participants make "savvy savings decisions in advance" to save as much money as possible.

The cost of living crisis has even made 52% of Brits "more creative" in finding ways to get more for their money. For example, 24% of the people who participated in the study now resell items they no longer need, and 23% renegotiate their contracts when they are due for renewal.

The research also shows that six-in-10 Brits (60%) are hunting for the best deal possible when purchasing tech. And when the tech they want to buy is a smartphone, over two-fifths (45%) will try to find the best deal possible, and over half (56%) will think ahead and assume the future resale or trade-in price before deciding to buy one.

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