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The vanilla Galaxy S21 (S30) will likely feature an improved 108MP sensor

The vanilla Galaxy S21(S30) will likely feature an improved 108MP sensor
The headlining feature of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is its 108MP wide-angle camera that the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus lack. Sure, the specced-out phone has its own set of problems, but that's not stopping Samsung from pushing the envelope on the megapixel count. Apparently, the Galaxy S21(S30) will have a 150MP main shooter

The said shooter will reportedly use the nonacell pixel binning technology to churn out 16MP shots. For comparison, the Galaxy S20 Ultra outputs 12MP images. 

Chances are that the rumored 150MP sensor will be reserved for the highest-end Galaxy S model. The other models could supposedly get upgraded to a 108MP sensor. And it wouldn't likely be the 108MP camera seen on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S21(S30) could come with an upgraded 108MP sensor

Sammobile reports that the chaebol is preparing an updated version of its 108MP ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor. However, it will apparently not be ready in time for the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. Instead, it will probably make a debut with a Xiaomi handset. 

The new sensor is seemingly codenamed ISOCELL Bright HM2 and it also has a resolution of 108MP. If you recall, Xiaomi also got to flaunt the co-developed 108MP sensor before Samsung last year and the South Korean giant refined it further before putting it on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Thus, it's possible that Samsung will be refining the new iteration for its own phones, including the Galaxy S21(S30) and possibly A series handsets that have proven to be quite popular.

As for the maxed-out Galaxy S21, it will reportedly boast a 64MP telephoto camera, a 16MP ultra-wide shooter, a 12MP macro sensor, and a VGA-level 3D ToF camera, in addition to the 150MP snapper mentioned before. It is believed that both main and telephoto cameras will offer OIS.

If the bit about the 12MP camera is true, it would be the first time Samsung uses a macro shooter on a Galaxy S phone.

And the surprises don't end there, as it could also be Samsung's first flagship to sport an under-display selfie camera.
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