YouTube TV shares upcoming updates to address existing playback sync and other issues

YouTube TV shares upcoming updates to address existing playback sync and other issues
YouTube TV is rolling out a few updates to address some recent issues that were present with the streaming service throughout the month of May. These were announced today via the YouTube Reddit community and follow the updates that were announced back in April for Apple TV, although this new round is for all the different platforms where YouTube TV is available.

First on the list is to address the audio and video synchronization problems during Live playback. This was already addressed on Apple TV, but in the coming weeks, we should see the implementation of several solutions for this everywhere else. YouTube TV is encouraging its users to submit feedback once these are rolled out and for the community to provide screenshots or a picture of the "Stats for Nerds" page along with device information right on the Reddit thread where the update was announced.

Additionally, YouTube says that they are developing a separate solution for similar audio/video sync issues for Video on Demand (VOD) content. No rollout date was provided for this particular solution, only that the team is currently working on it.

Speaking of Apple TV fixes, the post also addressed that the issue last month with the first generation 4k Apple TV crashing during extended playback sessions has already been resolved. Additionally, the company fixed the issue with the DVR functionality being temporarily affected by an outage last month, resulting in some transient delays.

As fixes to the service continue to be rolled out, new issues continue to be pointed out by users via their feedback. The Library, for example, is undergoing changes and fixes will be pushed to improve the relevancy of the "Catch Up on your Favorites" feature, as well as correcting badging errors and the order of recently recorded content.

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YouTube TV also shared that, thanks to customer feedback, it is now granting access to unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams inside the home and two additional streams when outside the household. This is a welcome change that I'm sure Football fans will appreciate.

Finally, the company asked us to stay tuned for more updates on the promised multiview feature and more improvements to video quality, which should be coming up next month. As YouTube TV's price tag continues to increase, it is somehow comforting that the service continues to address pressing issues and hasn't stopped rolling out new features to make it better.

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