Tim Cook donates to victims of the tornadoes which ravaged the U.S. this weekend

Tim Cook pledges Apple donations after 30 tornadoes ravage southern U.S.
Over this past Friday and Saturday, disaster struck the southwest of the United States, when a series of tornadoes wrought savage destruction across eight different states. Those affected the worst were Kentucky (who took the brunt of it), Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Illinois. 

With the death toll high and yet counting, Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken note of the catastrophe, and immediately after the event, pledged his financial support to provide relief to the hundreds who have lost homes, businesses, or loved ones to the disaster.

One of the central points of destruction caused by the ravaging winds, which reached speeds of 150km per hour, was Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory in Kentucky, which was hit on Friday night. There were about 110 people on the premises at the time, and with the factory building reduced to twisted heaps of metal, there seems little hope of finding any more survivors.

Overall, it is estimated that the death toll in Kentucky alone could surpass 100. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has already spoken out about the deadly disaster. "The level of devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen," he reported to CNN. "There's at least 15 feet of metal with cars on top of it, barrels of corrosive chemicals that are there, it will be a miracle if anybody else is found alive in it."

Tim Cook posted the Tweet announcing his immediate support just after midnight on Saturday, when the winds had finally started dwindling down, declaring that "Apple will be donating to support relief efforts on the ground." 

While it isn't clear how much money Apple will be donating (or whether it will be donated directly to the state, or to relevant humanitarian organizations), this isn't a first for the Cupertino company to chip in for victims of a natural disaster. 

As AppleInsidermentions, when catastrophic floods hit northern China back in October, Apple was among the international tech giants who jumped in to provide relief—just as it did in August, when Hurricane Ida ravaged the state of Louisiana.

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