TikTok to change its "For You" page algorithm so you won't view too much of one type of content

TikTok to change its "For You" page algorithm so you won't view too much of one type of content
The video-sharing app TikTok has been enjoying its wide popularity in recent years, especially among the young generation. And now, it is working on further improving the experience of being on the platform. 9to5Mac reports that TikTok is looking to change its "For You" recommendation tab's algorithm to ensure you won't get too much of the same content on there.

TikTok adjusting its recommendation algorithm so you don't get too many of the same videos in the "For You" tab

A report coming from The Wall Street Journal has detailed that the video-sharing platform will be changing its highly popular and even sometimes controversial "For You" page, and more specifically, the algorithm behind the recommendations displayed there.

According to the report, the change will ensure you won't be getting too much content from a certain topic, including more sensitive subjects such as extreme dieting, sadness, and breakups. This will be put in place so you won't consume too much of a single content category to prevent you from falling into rabbit holes. Pretty much, the change is targeted at eliminating the possibility to view too much of a content category which may be okay to view as a single video but can become problematic if binge-watched.

TikTok then confirmed that it is indeed working on such a change to its algorithm. The company stated that it is working on developing new strategies to interrupt unhealthy repetitive patterns, and looking into ways to better vary the different types of content that get recommended to you in a sequence. The company added that it is now testing ways to avoid a series of similar videos displayed one after another (especially the types of content we mentioned earlier).

TikTok added that the company's goal is that each person's For You feed features a wide variety of content types, creators, and topics, to avoid the negative effects of videos about loneliness or weight loss.

The company also stated that it will be working on a feature to let you block videos containing certain words or hashtags from appearing in your feed. This will be put in place in order to empower you to make more choices that customize your TikTok experience to your own preference and comfort, as the company stated in the blog post.

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Additionally, the company also states that it will try not to recommend certain categories of content which may not be appropriate for a general audience, in what looks like an effort to prioritize safety on the platform. What's more, TikTok has a dedicated Safety team that reportedly takes additional precautions to review videos that are rising in popularity and to reduce the possibility of such videos being inappropriate or entering the recommendation system.

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TikTok has been bringing some novelty to its video-sharing platform recently. Earlier, we reported on a recent tweak to the "For You" page on TikTok for when you are browsing it with your friends using Apple's FaceTime feature, SharePlay. The feature was introduced with iOS 15, and TikTok's new "For Us" page was created to reflect it. Basically, the feature lets you browse together with your friends during a FaceTime call, and TikTok's "For Us" page should technically have recommendations for you and your friends, things that you can enjoy viewing together, in a way.

TikTok started becoming very popular in the last couple of years, and its short-video format has proven audiences find it attractive and like to share and view content on such platforms. This also had other social media platforms work on their own versions of short video sharing.

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