The Anker 737 is our top pick for a power bank, 33% off its price at Amazon right now

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The Anker 737 is our top pick for a power bank, 33% off its price at Amazon right now
24K is good, especially if we’re talking about gold. It’s even better… Okay, let’s be realistic – 24K is also great when the topic of discussion is power banks. Enter the Anker 737 with 24,000 mAh power capacity, the best all-rounder in our Best Power Banks Available Now list.

Don’t miss this 33% discount, as the Anker 737 packs must-have features

Anyone in need of a power battery should not skip this deal: the Anker 737 brings not only a staggering power capacity of 24,000 mAh, but the stylish charger comes with a Smart Digital Display that shows different useful metrics and even battery cycles available. Add to that fast charging speeds up to 140W and you get our top picker when it comes to recommending power banks.

The Anker 737 makes it to the top not just because of its stylish looks or its compactness, given the amount of power that it’s providing: the power bank weighs 1.4 pounds and fills a 6.13 x 2.15 x 1.95-inch box.

It’s extremely efficient and will serve you faithfully – it’s got enough power to charge a flagship like the Galaxy S22 more than 4 times! As we’ve noted in our comparison list, the Anker 737 can even fully charge the 2020 M1 MacBook Air and then have some charge left. If you’re a MacBook Pro 16-inch owner, you can expect the Anker 737 to charge your computer to 50% for 40 minutes, using the recommended cable.

One of this power bank’s most appealing features is the Smart Digital Display which shows the output and input power and estimated time for the portable charger to fully recharge. There are also metrics like Battery Health and battery cycles available. Anker tops all of that with support for fast charging at up to 140W.

Finally, don’t worry about boarding the Boeing 747 with the Anker 737 on you: yes, this power bank is flight-approved and allowed on a plane.

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