T-Mobile rolls out yet another early Black Friday 2022 deal: four 'unlimited' lines for $100

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T-Mobile rolls out yet another early Black Friday 2022 deal: four 'unlimited' lines for $100
Eager to beat Verizon to the "early Black Friday" punch, T-Mobile unveiled a very interesting (and incredibly extensive) slate of holiday deals on pretty much all of its best phones, smartwatches, and tablets... with a whole bunch of strings attached last week.

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Of course, it was fairly easy to guess for long-time bargain hunters that the "Un-carrier" still had a few tricks left up its sleeve, and now an additional Black Friday promotion has not only been unwrapped but also made available for anyone to enjoy before Christmas (and even Thanksgiving).

This time around, you're being treated to ultra-affordable wireless service pairing nicely with your dirt-cheap (or completely free) new mobile device for a "limited time." If you hurry, you can get no less than four new lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for a grand total of $100 a month, and if the deal happens to sound familiar, that's probably because it's been offered a couple of years back.

T-Mo is once again "taking the gloves off" and undercutting all of the competition's similar early holiday promotions, although curiously enough, the nation's 5G speed and availability champion appears to be somewhat underselling this renewed family deal.

At 25 bucks per line per month, Magenta claims its customers are looking at saving 28.5 and 16.6 percent compared to AT&T and Verizon subscribers respectively on "similar plans with four lines." But as far as we can tell, both Ma Bell and Big Red are currently charging at least $140 a month for four "unlimited everything" lines, which would put your savings with T-Mobile's hot new offer at exactly 28.5 percent.

Additionally, T-Mo seems to be eclipsing the entry-level 5G unlimited options of its arch-rivals with a cool 50 gigs of "premium" data, aka the fastest 5G flavor available in your area, which however doesn't make this offer "truly" unlimited.

Keep in mind that your four lines for one Benjamin will also not include taxes and fees, which seem to have become a bit of a problem on T-Mobile all of a sudden. Finally, your discounted Essentials plan lacks "high-speed" hotspot and complimentary Netflix access while limiting video streaming to a maximum 480p resolution. Those are some pretty significant restrictions, but at the end of the day, this is still a solid early Black Friday 2022 deal for cash-strapped fans of "unlimited everything"... with asterisks.

These are the best Black Friday phone deals right now 

Galaxy S22 Ultra — Massive $300 discount! (25% off)

This is pretty amazing - Samsung's latest and greatest stylus-packing flagship phone - the Galaxy S22 Ultra, - is currently 25% off on Amazon! This is the version with 128GB of storage. The phone comes with an included S Pen stylus, one of the best camera systems, top tier performance, and really good battery life! Don't miss out on this offer, as the S22 Ultra is nowhere near as affordable any other time of the year!

Galaxy S22 Plus — price down by $267

The Galaxy S22 Plus is going for $267 less at Amazon at the moment, which amounts to a 27% markdown! This deal was slightly better during peak Black Friday, but regardless, it's still quite hot (and still available!) right now! The S22 Plus comes with 128GB of storage, great performance, and good battery life! Don't miss out!

Samsung Galaxy S22 — save 14% on Cyber Monday!

There is a nice 14% discount on the regular Galaxy S22 at Amazon right now! This is one of the best compact phones on the market in 2022, which makes it a rare breed amongst all the other options that are available. Now's your chance to get it for a great price! And by the way, stock is running out so hurry!

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: save 49% off its regular price!

Stock is running out, so hurry! Amazon has dropped the price of the popular Galaxy S21 FE by a whopping $300, making it an ever bigger steal than it usually is. With its price during Black Friday, the S21 FE is arguably one of the best bang-for-your-buck Android phones you will find at the moment.

OnePlus 10 Pro — 31% savings with carrier activation

Normally going for $549.99, the 128GB OnePlus 10 Pro flagship is down to just $549.99, which gets you an awesome phone with a super-fast chip, tons of intriguing software features, and a Hasselblad-tuned camera system. You need to activate the phone with your carrier to benefit from this discount.
$549 99
$799 99
Buy at BestBuy

Google Pixel 7 — 17% off now at Amazon (Snow and Lemongrass colors)

The Snow and Lemongrass colors of the Pixel 7 are still 17% off at Amazon. The deal on the Black one has expired though. Don't miss out, we don't know how much longer this deal will last! The Pixel 7 is compact, has the latest Tensor G2 chip and a really powerful camera, and it is an easy recommendation. Don't miss out!


The awesome iPhone 14 Pro Max is, for all intents and purposes, free on Verizon right now, provided that you opt for a new line and trade in an eligible device. The carrier will shave off $1000 of the price tag, plus additional $200 when you switch to any of Big Red's awesome 5G plans. But Verizon also has other deals: you can get a BOGO offer with the second device being $800 off with select 5G Unlimited plans. Also, get an Apple Watch SE second generation for free with your purchase!
$0 /mo
$1099 99
Buy at Verizon


The iPhone 14 Pro on Verizon can also be yours for free. Here's how it works: firstly, you have to bring an eligible phone for a trade-in, and the catch here is that Verizon would accept damaged phones without leaking batteries; secondly, you will have to opt for any of the eligible 5G Unlimited plans, and finally, you can also get the price down by a further $200 by switching from another carrier. The deals we mentioned above: the BOGO $800 off and the Apple Watch SE for free are also available for the iPhone 14 Pro. What are you waiting for, really?
$0 /mo
$999 99
Buy at Verizon

TCL 20 Pro 5G (256GB) — 46% price cut for Cyber Monday!

The TCL 20 Pro 5G flies low under the radar but at this price, it is one of the best deals this Holiday season. The phones comes with a 6.67" AMOLED screen, the Snapdragon 750G chip inside and a generous 256GB of storage. And all of that for $280! Sign me up!

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