Spotify doubles down on podcasts with Substack partnership after Google killed its dedicated app

Spotify doubles down on podcasts with Substack partnership after Google killed its dedicated app
Days after Google killed its dedicated Podcasts app and suggested using YouTube Music for talk sessions, Spotify is coming up with a partnership. "Spotify and Substack partner to bring even more podcasts to listeners", reads the official announcement.

Substack is joining a robust array of content providers leveraging Spotify’s Open Access platform to offer premium subscriptions. The integration is powered by Spotify’s Open Access API, which allows podcast creators to extend their reach to Spotify’s 602 million monthly active users while retaining control over their subscriptions and content.

Stephanie Shaer, Spotify’s Head of Partner Strategy and Business Development, emphasized that this feature is designed to help creators expand their listener base without sacrificing their direct relationships with subscribers. According to Shaer, this integration not only helps Substack creators reach listeners on their preferred platform but also enriches the Spotify ecosystem with high-quality, diverse content.

Some notable podcasts making their debut on Spotify include "Rich Text," "Split Zone Duo," and "Culture Study." Emma Gray, co-host of "Rich Text," expressed excitement about providing their community with broader access to their podcast through Spotify. Similarly, Alex Kirshner of "Split Zone Duo" highlighted the convenience of reaching audiences where they are already engaged. Anne Helen Petersen of "Culture Study" also noted the benefits of making subscriber-only content more accessible on Spotify.

To facilitate this integration, Substack podcast creators can easily add Spotify as a distribution channel for their podcasts, which allows them to expand their audience while maintaining control over their subscriber base, content, and revenue streams. Listeners can link their Substack and Spotify accounts to access content, ensuring a seamless transition between platforms.

Google is not letting go of the Podcasts ethos

Google may have killed the Podcasts app, but just the other day made promises to enhance the podcast experience in YouTube Music, which is now used for talk sessions.

Meanwhile, Spotify is testing a fancy AI playlist feature that will let AI pick songs for you based on a prompt.

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