Pixel 6 user finds a simple solution that ends the line's frustrating connectivity issue

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Pixel 6 user finds a simple solution that ends the line's frustrating connectivity issue
Got a problem keeping your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro connected to your wireless provider? You're not alone if you answered in the affirmative as we've passed along reports from users discussing this issue. Just the other day Google finally admitted that the problem exists.

Connectivity issues are frustrating some Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users

Since Google has yet to disseminate a software issue for this problem, and the December update seems to have made matters worse with more Pixel 6 owners losing connectivity, some Pixel 6 users have experimented and have found a way to get around this frustrating problem. This solution comes from a Reddit subscriber (via AndroidPolice) who was willing to share it with others.

Before we share it though, let's explain what has happened to this Redditor with the handle u/vachezoub. As he wrote in his Reddit post, "Please note that I live in Europe (Armenia) and my issue was that I was losing connection completely at random times but mostly when trying to do a call it would just lose signal saying to disable airplane mode, other times was when taking the office elevator to go to the underground floor that it would lose connection completely again."

First, vachezoub tried to exterminate the bug by replacing his SIM card, but that didn't seem to work. So he installed the latest Google Carrier services beta update from the Google Play Store and his problem disappeared for good. The response from other Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users who tried this fix has been tremendous with some agreeing that installing the Google Carrier services beta got rid of their connectivity issue for good.

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Not only does this fix end the connectivity problems that some have had with the new Pixel handsets, it also improves signal strength according to some, and stops the problem of some phones having to deal with sluggish mobile data speeds. Typical is the response of one Redditor named NastySays who wrote, "Just updated mine to the beta and absolutely fixed the issue for me as well. I noticed this start to be an issue with the last carrier services non beta update. Thanks for the recommendation."

Interestingly, those Pixel 6 series users who never had any connectivity problems were found to have had the beta channel of the carrier services app already installed on their phones. That seems to explain why these users didn't have a connectivity issue in the first place. You can install the beta version of the Carrier Services app by tapping on this link.

Face Unlock could arrive for the 2021 Pixels via a future feature drop

Google started to fix some of the issues on the Pixel 6 line by sending out software updates. One issue that hasn't been fixed to everyone's satisfaction is the lagging fingerprint scanner. The 2021 Pixels, as you might know, are equipped with an optical in-display biometrics reader which is not as quick or accurate as the ultrasonic fingerprint reader found on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

There is speculation that Google will be sending out a software update that will enable facial recognition for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro which might allow users to forget about using the fingerprint scanner altogether. Code discovered in the Android 12L beta (Android 12 L is for larger-screened devices) reveals that Face Unlock on the new Pixel handsets would be considered "experimental" and that an enhanced version of the feature, far more advanced than the version installed on the Pixel 4 series, is in the works.

If this does come to the new Pixel models, it would probably be made part of a future Pixel Feature Drop and could be limited to the Pixel 6 Pro only. The next feature drop is due this coming March.

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