How often do you use your camera’s built-in filters and beauty mode?

How often do you use your camera’s built-in filters and beauty mode?
Another week, another camera-related poll! Yes, we went through a few of those already: front vs back camera, video recording vs photography, video resolutions and alternative camera modes. These polls revealed interesting insights about how people use their cameras and also confirmed some of our assumptions.

Now, we're moving our attention to another smartphone camera feature that's not getting prime attention: filters. Yes, pictures with filters are a common occurrence on Instagram and Snapchat, but how many people actually take filtered photos directly from the default camera app? It's not like manufacturers aren't making an effort. From basic things like vivid colors and black-and-white mode, to sliders that let you reshape your face or even body, depending on the phone you have, there are plenty of filters you can apply.

But how often do you bother doing that? That's what we're here to find out. So, help us out by answering the question below:

How often do you use your camera app’s filters and beauty mode?

Regularly, that’s how I make my photos stand out!
Occasionally, it’s fun to experiment with them.
Rarely, only if I’m trying to make something special.
Never, I like to keep things natural.

Thank you for participating and make sure to be around for our next poll! We have a couple left before we wrap up this camera-focused series and take a look back at all the results.


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