Do you prefer to take photos or record videos with your phone's camera?

Do you prefer to take photos or record videos with your phone's camera?
A few days ago, we asked you "Which camera do you use more often?". That poll won't be active for long, so if you haven't answered it, hop over to do it!

Now, we continue our quest to learn more about our users' smartphone-camera-related habits with our next question. It's a short one but quite important. 

When we review a phone we spend a good deal of time on the photos it takes. We go through the different cameras, modes and settings, since we assume that's what people are mostly interested to read about. 

But smartphones have also become extremely capable video-recording devices and that aspect deserves attention too. We, of course, include that in our reviews as well. Now, you can help us calibrate our attention by answering the question below:

What do you use your camera most for?

To take photos
To record videos

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our poll!

Our next question is coming soon enough, so make sure to check regularly!


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