Here's a smart common sense strategy to follow when buying or selling a previously owned iPhone

Here's a smart common sense strategy to follow when buying or selling a previously owned iPhone
Shopping around for the best deal on a used iPhone can be a tiring experience. Not only do the prices vary among purveyors of previously owned iPhone units, but warranties also differ. Obviously, pricing depends on the particular iPhone model being offered and the condition it is in. But there is also a seasonal tilt to pricing and it requires nothing more than a modicum of common sense to understand.

According to a website called that tracks the pricing of used phones, most previously owned iPhone models tend to decline in price following the Christmas holiday. The demand for such units rises during the holiday shopping season as buyers come into the market. This demand dries up after the holiday and prices decline. So if you have a used iPhone to sell, do it before Christmas; if you need to buy a second-hand iPhone, wait until after December 25th.

It's a sound strategy backed up by the data. UpTrade has disseminated a chart that shows the change in pricing of used iPhone models from December 2020 to January 2021, and from December 2021 to January 2022. Outside of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 12 mini, both of which saw pricing for previously owned units rise after Christmas, all of the other iPhone models listed in the graph saw a price decline after Santa's big day with the iPhone 6 Plus showing the largest drop in excess of 20%.

The graph also shows that older models typically score a larger price decline after Christmas than more recent models. The iPhone 12 had the smallest price drop after the holiday. If you plan on following the seasonal strategy, you should have already sold your used iPhone or be close to such a deal with Christmas just a week away. If you're thinking about purchasing a used iPhone, you might want to wait a little more than a week to shell out the cash to complete the purchase.

If you are planning on giving someone a previously owned iPhone model as a Christmas gift this year, you might consider writing out an IOU (or iOU) stating that you owe the bearer one iPhone for Christmas. After the holiday ends, purchase the appropriate iPhone (which should be at a lower price) and turn it over to the recipient of your largesse.
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