The Files by Google app is about to become smarter with this upcoming feature

Smart Search in Files by Google app
Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its Android Files app called Smart Search, which will automatically identify important documents and highlight them. This could make it easier for users to find the files they need, such as contracts, tax documents, or medical records.

Smart Search, not to be confused with Smart Storage which helps you save space on your device by deleting media that has already been backed up to Google Photos, is meant for files in the Documents folder of the Files app. It will use machine learning to identify important documents based on a variety of factors, including their content, file type, and creation date. Once a document has been identified as important, it will be highlighted in the Files app so that users can easily find it.

This was originally found and reported by @AssembleDebug on X, who was able to enable the feature via a flag. While testing, the leaker found that the feature will automatically and periodically scan and index your documents and images using something akin to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to identify text within those files. Additionally, as the name implies, search will be available to find the related text and the document it is contained in.

Source - @AssembleDebug (X)

In addition to highlighting important documents, Smart Search will also be able to suggest related documents. For example, if a user opens a contract, Smart Search might suggest other contracts that the user has saved. This could help users to stay organized and find the documents they need more quickly.

Smart Search is still in development, but it is believed that it will be released in a future update to the Files app. It is a new and innovative feature that could make the Files app even more useful, especially in cases where an important detail contained within a document is needed right away.
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