Sir Ridley Scott and his team's short film Behold showcases Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera capabilities

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Sir Ridley Scott and his team short film Behold showcases Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera capabilities
People buy a phone for all kinds of reasons, but a large number of us gravitate towards a new one to get access to better camera performance and therefore superior image quality. Manufacturers are well aware of that fact, which is why the boundaries of what phone cameras can do get pushed almost every year.

One way companies like to hype up the latest improvements of their flagship phone's camera system is by giving the device to a professional who would stretch it to the limits of its capabilities. Of course, it is usually something grandiose, like Samsung's collaboration with renowned director Sir Ridley Scott who, alongside cinematographer Flavio Labiano, shot a short four minute film called Behold, using the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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As it tends to go with such projects, there were of course additional tools used during the shooting such as professional lighting, a camera-mount for stabilization, and probably others too. That being said, throughout the whole process it was the cameras on the Galaxy S23 Ultra that were recording everything.

The two artists shared their opinions about working with Samsung's latest high-end flagship, with Labiano admitting he was worried at the beginning that the phone would restrict him. Once he got used to working with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, however, he was surprised by the versatility of the camera system, mentioning its image quality and dynamic range.

Sir Ridley Scott, on the other hand, shares that this was a great and interesting challenge for him and his team. He also hints that it is scary how good small objects like our phones have become at recording footage, adding that this small form factor is also very useful as you can get in small spaces more easily.

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Of course, there is probably no need to remind you, but it is good to keep in mind this is all promotional. The Galaxy S23 Ultra could very well — and most probably is — capable of such heights, but this was achieved with the support of a whole team of professional film makers. That being said, though, it is exciting to see how much Samsung has pushed the envelope with its latest high-ender.

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