Save your Fitbit Charge 5 before it is too late!

Save your Fitbit Charge 5 before it is too late!
When it launched in August 2021, the Fitbit Charge 5 was without a doubt one of the best fitness trackers on the market and offered a lot for its price. Now, two years later the sports band continues to be a great wearable to accompany you on your workouts and has even become much better with the June Feature Drop it received from Google.

But don't get too excited about your Fitbit Charge 5 getting the update just yet, as recent news indicates that the same June Feature Drop is practically rendering the little fitness tracker unusable (via AndroidPolice). Reports on Fitbit's community forums say that after updating to the latest software version (v194.61), their Charge 5 has begun to experience numerous issues.

More specifically, there are two major problems here. First, the battery seems to be draining extremely quickly, and second, many report the screen going black. The latter is especially frustrating, as it seems the device continues to work and charge, but the display remains inactive.

Fitbit moderators insist that most of the users reporting these issues have actually not yet updated their Charge 5 to the new version 194.61 software, and are experiencing the battery drain and blacked-out screen while on version 188.58. However, many are saying that is not the case.

The worst part — and what truly makes this a disaster — is that once your Fitbit Charge 5 experiences these problems it essentially dies, without any way of getting revived. At least that's what seems to be the case so far.

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Google is apparently trying to alleviate some of the dissatisfaction by offering a 35% discount code to those whose Charge 5 is still under warranty, and in some rare cases offering a replacement unit.

Unfortunately, if you want to prevent this from happening your best bet is to keep your Fitbit Charge 5 disconnected from your phone and from any type of internet connection, since the update happens automatically and users have no control over it.

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