Cat phone maker Bullitt Group and MediaTek partner to create a satellite phone unlike any other

Cat phone maker Bullitt Group and MediaTek partner to create a satellite phone unlike any other
Bullitt Group is the company behind the famous Cat rugged phones.

Just when you start believing innovations in the mobile industry may have stalled a bit, we get a new thing on the horizon (or, out in space?) A new partnership between Bullitt Group and chip-maker MediaTek has just been announced and it is bound to produce some very exciting results. It seems in the first quarter of 2023, the new partner duo will launch a satellite-to-mobile messaging smartphone unlike any other!

Expect a satellite-to-mobile messaging smartphone unlike any other in Q1 2023

British-based international mobile phone maker Bullitt Group is planning a phone that will be the first one to use MediaTek's 3GPP NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network) chipset. Basically, this chip and the proprietary software this phone will run will make it so it can provide stable messaging with a satellite connection.

What this means is that when there's no available cellular or Wi-Fi connection, the device will seamlessly switch to a nearby satellite, thus being able to send messages. Sounds familiar? Well, Apple and Hauwei did it, but this phone will be a bit different.

So far, Apple (and Huawei) have offered satellite connectivity features; however, the satellite is only used to get in touch with emergency services from an area with no cellular coverage or Wi-Fi connection. But the phone we are reporting about here will be able to send messages to the user's contacts as well. Yep, Bullitt Group and MediaTek have taken this tech to the new level!

Richard Wharton, the co-founder of Bullitt Group, stated:

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Bullit Group is the phone maker behind Cat phones and has generally been known for making rugged smartphones. It seems this new smartphone the company is planning with the partnership with MediaTek will be able to seamlessly switch between cellular and satellite connection.

Keep in mind though that sending a message using satellite won't be as quick as using the good-old cellular. It will still take around 10 seconds for the device to make an initial connection to a satellite and send a message. But hey, it sounds great that the phone will do that behind the scenes and all you can notice is some delay (instead of that cold dread of not having any signal...).

The company did not share any other details about the upcoming phone at the moment. Well, for one we can't wait to see it! When we know more, we'll make sure to keep you up to date so stay tuned!

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