Samsung's growth in tablet production will reportedly double in 2022 just in time

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Samsung's growth in tablet production will reportedly double in 2022 just in time
The tablet market had some issues before 2020. Users saw no need to upgrade to a new tablet every other year because of the lack of stunning new advancements. And with smartphone screens growing in size, there seemed to be less demand for these devices.

Samsung to increase tablet production by 6% next year, double the amount it increased production this year

But along came the pandemic and those finding themselves suddenly working from home started buying tablets to help them with their jobs. Children who were schooled from home because of the pandemic required a tablet to help them "attend" class each day. So both adults and children required new tablets to help them keep some semblance of normalcy. And at the end of the day, both could use their tablets to entertain themselves by watching streamed movies and playing video games.

During its fiscal 2021 second quarter, Apple reported that iPad revenue soared 79% rising from $4.37 billion to $7.81 billion. And Samsung was also active in the tablet market as well. This will continue next year with the company expected to hike production of Galaxy Tab devices by 6% according to TheElec.

Sammy is expecting to ship 34 million Galaxy Tab devices next year, which would be a 6% hike over this year's deliveries of the device. That is double the 3% gain in Galaxy Tab shipments that Samsung registered for 2021 from 2020. This year, the manufacturer sees 32 million Galaxy Tab slates shipped compared to 31 million the year before.

The report adds that Samsung will produce 400,000 units of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, 900,000 Galaxy Tab S8+, and 1.2 million Galaxy Tab S8 tablets starting in the first quarter of next year. Also beginning in Q1, Samsung will start production of 11 million Galaxy Tab A8 models and the same number of Galaxy Tab A7 Lite slates.

Starting in the third quarter of 2022, 1.6 million units of the Galaxy Tab S8 Lite will be manufactured. You might notice that the more expensive the model, the fewer the number of  units will be rolling off of the assembly line. The Elec says that in 2022, over 60% of Galaxy Tab  production will include the low-and mid-range Galaxy A series slates. To save on development costs, the Galaxy Tab A series is produced using a Joint Development Manufacturer (JDM). This allows Samsung to work with third parties on design and the procurement of parts.

Samsung's decision to increase tablet production by 6% next year might have been a happy coincidence for the company with the news that a new Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been discovered. If this variant is as contagious as feared, we could see companies keep workers home longer than expected with some of those expected to return to the office soon now stuck at home.

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Samsung will make 19 million smartwatches and 23 million earbuds next year

The latest data compiled by Canalys shows that for the third quarter of 2021, Samsung saw a 20.2% decline in its worldwide tablet shipments from 9.03 million to 7.21 million. The company controlled 19.1% of the global tablet market during the quarter placing it second only to Apple and its 40.4% slice of the global tablet pie from July through September.

TheElec adds that Samsung will manufacture 4.8 million units of its Galaxy Watch 5 during the third and fourth quarters of 2022. This year Samsung dropped the use of its homegrown Tizen operating system for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and replaced it with Wear OS. Overall, the company is expected to make 19 million smartwatch units next year.

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Samsung is scheduled to produce 23 million earbuds next year which will include 3.1 million Galaxy Buds Pro2 (to be built during the second through fourth quarters of 2022) and 3.3 million Galaxy Buds Live 2 (to be built during the third and fourth quarters of 2022).

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