Samsung showcases the benefits of One UI 4 in two new videos

Samsung showcases the benefits of One UI 4 in two new videos
In preparation for the launch of One UI 4.0, Samsung has released two YouTube videos, which serve as a tour of the upcoming software update. For now, One UI 4 is still in its beta testing phase, but we should be getting real close to the official release.

The two videos are actually a film divided into two parts—” One UI 4: Official Introduction Film.” Both parts do a good job at listing everything new with One UI 4, how it works, and why it's here.

The new look of One UI 4

In part one, Samsung opens with a nod to all its users, saying that it listens to their feedback and has considered it while building One UI 4. The first improvements mentioned are all related to the system colors.

Now, similar colors are grouped, making the interface more simple and intuitive to navigate through. Samsung delves even deeper into this topic, giving you more freedom in customizing the visual components of One UI. Android 12’s Material You have also found a home in One UI 4, giving you dynamic themes based on your wallpaper.

The next improvement Samsung touches upon is widgets, which have always been an integral part of the Android experience. One UI 4 brings a fresh new look to all widgets, no matter if first or third-party, giving them rounded corners.

All app icons, alongside the widgets, can now make use of dark mode. Even better, there is a new “Extra dim” mode that you can toggle for even lower screen brightness.

Practical improvements in One UI 4

Moving to some more practical improvements, you can now adjust the size of the picture-in-picture window. The quick panel also gets some attention and is now rearranged. Another useful addition is the ability to control your audio source from the lock screen. Some of you out there will also be happy to know that the cursor is now transparent when dragging and pasting text.

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Okay, maybe not as practical, but worth mentioning, is a new way of expressing yourself by stacking emojis, or Emoji Pairs, as Samsung calls it. In that spirit, some new Halloween bitmojis also get teased.

In addition, the new OS promises new haptics and sounds to give you that oh-so-satisfying feedback when using your phone. That aside, if you were wondering whether the camera app will be getting any improvements, it can now deblur photos using the “Remaster picture” feature.

Samsung also spends quite a bit of time promoting its device ecosystem and how it all works together. The Second Screen feature gets a mention, as well as some of the company's most popular devices like the S Pen and the Galaxy Watch 4.

On that note, the tech giant also mentions the compatibility of One UI 4 with One UI Book 4, which you can find on the Galaxy Book laptop series. To summarize, the changes basically aim to make the experience of using your Samsung phone and laptop fluid and similar. In other words, this will make switching from one to the other less confusing and more seamless.

As it is an increasingly popular and crucial topic, Samsung touches on privacy as well. Now, a privacy indicator will pop up whenever an app wants to use your camera or microphone. You will also have more control over sharing your location details, having the choice of whether it is precise or approximate.

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail

When is Samsung One UI 4 coming?

It is yet to be announced when exactly One UI 4 will come out, however, it is expected that Samsung will release it sometime in December. Presumably, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be the first phones from the company to receive the new OS, with others like to follow suit later on.

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