Samsung teases rollable and slidable display future

Samsung teases rollable and slidable display future
In the last few years, foldable display phones have gone all the way from a quirky concept to legitimate devices that rival conventional flagship models, even challenging their price. Samsung is at the forefront of this technology and we’ve seen it bear fruits in phones like the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip.

Now the Korean company wants to further stress how important flexible display technology is for the modern smartphone. Samsung has launched a microsite, dedicated to its flexible displays, and there are a few surprises there.

Aside from the foldable bar and foldable square designs you’re all familiar with, Samsung teases new rollable and slidable flex devices on its newly launched site. This is a strong hint that we might see some new form factors pretty soon.

Exactly one year ago, Samsung's Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was spotted with an unreleased phone with an unusual form factor - too thin to be a foldable device, suggesting a slide phone, similar to the Oppo X. This device was supposed to officially launch in H1 2021 but the year came and went with no Samsung rollable (or slidable) to be seen.

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