Microsoft to partner with Samsung over HoloLens 3 development

Microsoft to partner with Samsung over HoloLens 3 development
This summer, Samsung has apparently entered into a partnership with Microsoft over its HoloLens augmented reality project, report The Elec's sources, and the two companies are expected to work on the next generation of the VR headgear for at least two years. 

Microsoft already has a strong partnership with Samsung over preinstalled Office Mobile and other apps on the handsets of the world's largest phone maker, so taking advantage of its hardware expertise could only be beneficial, too. 

Back in March, Samsung reportedly assembled a taskforce to probe the viability of the HoloLens partnership, involving multiple departments, and has subsequently been given the green light to take on the challenge to be Microsoft's AT/VR gear maker.

Commercialization of Microsoft's HoloLens wearable that takes advantage of Samsung's engineering prowess will happen after the end of the development contract, in 2024, report the insiders. Samsung's purchase of AR company DigiLens, along with its display expertise may be what prompted Microsoft to partner with it over the next HoloLens endeavor. 

DigiLens was known for its waveguide technology "used to bend the light from the video playing on a display to the glasses, which is transparent in AR display devices as users need to see the real surrounding around them simultaneously with the virtual items on display."

This strongly suggests that the HoloLens 3 may be conceived as a direct answer to the purported Apple Glasses AR/VR headset which is expected to land as soon as next year. Microsoft sold about 200,000 HoloLens 2 devices this year, and it will have to pour a lot of resources to make the third edition stand out as not only Apple, but also Facebook's Meta, are expected to release their own augmented reality contraptions very soon.

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