Future Samsung foldable phones could get some serious health tracking features

Samsung’s future foldable phones to feature advanced health sensors
A patent revealed by LetsGoDigital shows that Samsung might be developing its next foldable devices with special attention to health. The patent reveals an inward folding design, similar to the one of the Galaxy Z Fold 2and the Galaxy Z Flip. The new sensors will be able to measure your blood pressure through the phone.

The pictures from the patent reveal two ways of measuring your health status. The first method will be by sticking your finger between the two parts of the folding screen when closed. Then, sensors will measure things like your blood pressure and heart rate. 

The health data will probably be displayed on the outer screen of the foldable phone. This type of measuring could be used on one of the next generations Galaxy Z Fold phones. According to the patent, this technology will use a total of two measuring sensors.

Another way to measure your vitals will be to hold a clamshell type of phone opened in your palm. The phone will have its sensors on its back. For it to measure your vitals, you would need to put one end of the phone at your finger and the other on your palm, while staying static.

This implementation is probably suited for a future Galaxy Z Flip-like foldable phone. The patent shows that this technology will use a total of four measuring sensors.

The new sensors will measure how blood flows through your finger by using an amplitude conversion method. The phone will sense your pulse wave amplitude via its sensors, which will take an image and then analyze the intensity of its pixels, and convert it to the desired measurement. 

The Galaxy Z Fold type of device will also calculate the pressure from your finger, when stuck between its closed foldable screen.

There are several other measurements that will apparently be possible with this design. We’ve already mentioned the blood pressure and heart rate capabilities of the sensors, but according to the patent, they will also measure other vitals like vascular age, vascular compliance, aortic pressure waveform, arterial stiffness, stress levels and fatigue levels.

It is unclear whether the new sensors will appear on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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