Save $150 on a titanium Galaxy Watch 3 with this Best Buy deal

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Save $150 on a titanium Galaxy Watch 3 with this Best Buy deal
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the best wearables on the market, and probably the only device that can challenge the almighty Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch 3 received a big update recently, bringing huge improvements to its health-tracking capabilities.

Samsung - Galaxy Watch3

Titanium Smartwatch 45mm BT - Mystic Black
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If you want to stray away from Apple’s ecosystem but still get a premium smartwatch on your wrist, now is the time. There’s a huge discount at Best Buy, shedding $150 off the Titanium model. Why go titanium? There are plenty of reasons.

First of all, titanium is lighter than steel, and this counts when it comes to something you wear constantly on your wrist. Second, it is very strong - as strong as steel - but less dense. There’s a reason titanium is widely used in the aerospace industry.

The Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium is 10 grams lighter than the steel model (43g vs 53.8g). That’s a huge difference! This metal also looks stunning - very premium and as an added bonus, it’s scratch resistant.

As for the watch itself, you’re probably familiar with the model at this point but you can check our full Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review for more details.

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