Samsung has made Galaxy S23 Ultra battery removal process a lot easier

Your hands are all you need to remove Galaxy S23 Ultra's battery
Smartphone batteries degrade over time, prompting people to get a new phone every few years. Smartphone repairs tend to be costly and complicated, so most people prefer upgrading their handsets instead of replacing problematic parts. Thanks to right to repair campaigns, some newer phones have a more repair-friendly design. This year's Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one such phone.

YouTuber Zack Nelson has a channel called JerryRigEverything where he takes apart new gadgets and tortures them in every way imaginable to show us how durable and repairable they are. He recently scooped out the guts of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and it turns out that Samsung has made subtle changes on the inside.

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Samsung used an excessive amount of adhesive on the Galaxy S22 Ultra's battery, making it hard very hard for an average person with no dedicated tools to remove it from the phone. Isopropyl alcohol was required to soften up the adhesive.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra's rear and front are attached by adhesives and separating the two is pretty straightforward, but a first-timer may flub it, so it's always a good idea to be really careful and patient. After all, this is a $1,200 phone and you wouldn't want to mess anything up. Even Zack almost made a costly mistake that would have made the screen useless.

Coming to the best part, the battery is removable. You just have to pull up a plastic pull tab to remove the battery and that's all. You don't even need pry tools or alcohol. 

The Galaxy S23 Ultra packs many improvements that can make it the best phone of 2023, such as a custom Snapdragon chip and a 200MP camera. Sure, some bugs have been reported, and some users mistook a minor screen blemish for a defect, but we hear these sorts of complaints about new phones very often, and manufacturers usually fix most issues.

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