Samsung's Galaxy S23 family is a huge hit in most major global markets

Samsung's Galaxy S23 family is a huge hit in most major global markets
While it's certainly not unusual to see Samsung boast about the early box-office success of a new ultra-high-end smartphone lineup, the world's top vendor has struggled to maintain the popularity of its last few Android flagships for more than a few weeks after launch.

This time around, however, the Korea-based tech giant is not going radio silent regarding the sales figures of its latest hero devices after praising their initial global reception. Of course, Samsung is not getting very specific about said numbers for each individual Galaxy S23 series model or the family as a whole either while also leaving out some key data from a couple of crucial markets altogether.

Big in India... and Latin America... and Europe... and the Middle East

Are the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra the most successful Samsung handsets in history? Probably not. But compared to last year's Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, they are definitely striking gold in a bunch of important countries and regions, as reported by Yonhap News (and translated here).

India, which just so happens to be the world's second-largest smartphone market (as well as the second most populous country), has apparently seen an increase of 40 percent in S23 series sales so far from the results posted in the same timeframe following the regional commercial debut of the S22 trio back in early 2022.

The jump was slightly higher in both Europe and the Middle East, at around 50 percent, and much higher in "major Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico", at 70 percent or so. The 1.7x improvement in the latter area seems especially notable (and especially impressive) as it was apparently achieved in a shorter period of time too following a slightly later release than last year.

Meanwhile, you might be surprised to hear that one market where the Galaxy S23 trio hasn't been able to improve on the sales numbers of the S22 series after around six weeks of official availability is Samsung's very own homeland. 

But that's only because the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra were actually hugely successful in South Korea, which is now also true for the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. Specifically, the combined domestic tally of the three new powerhouses around those parts stands tall at over 1 million units, very similar to their predecessors' results this time in 2022.

What's missing and what else do we know?

Unfortunately, the success puzzle of the Galaxy S23 family is still missing a few pieces, starting with an actual preliminary global sales total, an updated long-term forecast, and perhaps most importantly, any news whatsoever from the US and China.

The massive Chinese smartphone market remains Samsung's Achilles' heel, and given the company's silence regarding the region, we can safely assume that the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra haven't been able to find much success there either.

Stateside, however, Samsung's Android flagships have traditionally done a lot better, so it's definitely a little worrying that the company's American branch is so tight-lipped at the moment. 

One puzzle piece that's not missing is the family's global sales breakdown by model, which sees the Ultra continue to reign supreme with a huge 60 percent slice of the pie so far, followed by the Plus and "vanilla" variants with equal 20 percent shares. 

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In other words, probably thebest Android phone in the world right now is most definitely the best-selling member of the S23 family around the world, possibly leading Samsung to achieve its objective of improving last year's S22 series results by "double digits."

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