Would you rather spend $1.4k on the S20 Ultra or the Z Flip?

Would you rather spend $1.4k on the S20 Ultra or the Z Flip?
Samsung dropped both the S20 series and the Z Flip phone yesterday. They were revealed to be everything we expected them to be, thanks to a plethora of rumors and leaks, down to the price tag. And both the S20 Ultra and Z Flip are pretty much in the same ballpark.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has an insane camera module on top of the most powerful hardware you can fit in an Android smartphone right now. It's big, its display is pretty, and its battery is humongous. It is the poweruser's dream.

The Galaxy Z Flip tones it down a notch when it comes to hardware, but hey — it's foldable! Having learned from past mistakes, Samsung made a foldable phone that looks and feels solid. Only time will tell if that's true, of course, but we are quite impressed by the fact that its screen is actual glass, instead of scratchy plastic.

Obviously, a ton of work has been put into these devices and we can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to produce them. So the price point is probably appropriate.

But we wonder — if you had $1.4k burning a hole through your pocket right now, which one of these phones would you get?

Would you rather spend $1.4k on the S20 Ultra or the Z Flip?

The Galaxy S20 Ultra, hands down!
I'm flippin' out over that Flip! Give me it!

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