Official leather case for the Galaxy Fold price leaks. Guess how much...

Official leather case for the Galaxy Fold price leaks. Guess how much...
So, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is about to go into users' hands in about a week. And, of course, anyone who invested in the futuristic phone will probably want to protect it. The Fold does come with a kevlar case in the box, but if you want something a bit more stylish, you will have a choice on launch day, it seems. On Samsung's official accessory page, we could see a leather case in black and white. What we couldn't see is how much it would cost.

Posted by prolific leakster Roland Quandt, we now have an expected price and you might not like it. According to the report, the leather case will cost €100 in Europe, and we suppose that would translate to $100 in the States. Then again, if you've already spent $1,980 on the phone, what's $100 for a case?

In terms of design, it's pretty much the same as the case you get in the box — it protects the phone's front and back without getting in the way of the hinge. Of course, the leather case will be a bit bulkier and a bit softer, possibly providing a tiny bit better protection against drops.

The Fold is coming!

The Galaxy Fold should be shipping to its first customers next week. If you want to pre-order one right now, you can't — the first batch of phones sold out as soon as Samsung put them up on its site. Your next best bet is to walk in a T-Mobile or AT&T store on launch day — the 26th of April — and hoping that you'd be lucky enough to find one.

Then again, you may want to hold out for a bit. Tech pundits and YouTubers have found that their Fold phones are... less than reliable and might break down a bit too easily. And, if you need someone to help you out with some reasonable arguments on why you shouldn't spend $2k on this phone, check out this article.

Or don't — it's an awesome concept of a phone and nobody will judge you if you get one... Well, the people who couldn't get to the store in time might.

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