The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and A72 prices get tipped, pretty affordable

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It is becoming increasingly likely that Samsung has taken notice which was its most popular device last year - the midrange Galaxy A51 - and has paid an increased amount of attention to its successor, the Galaxy A52

Not only is the A52 rumored to have a 5G version on offer right out of the gate, as opposed to the Galaxy A72 whose 5G variant has yet to hit the FCC database shortly before its Unpacked event, but the A52 is also leaked more often, and is Gsmmaniak is reporting that it is even up to order on a commercial website, price and everything. 

Meanwhile, the cost of both the Galaxy A52 and A72 leaked out from second source (Mysmartprice), too, indicating not only an imminent launch, but also how they'd compare to their predecessors in terms of pricing.

Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 prices at launch

  • Galaxy A52 4G price: $365 (6GB/128GB), $385 (8GB/128GB)
  • Galaxy A52 5G price: $495 (6GB/128GB)
  • Galaxy A72 4G price: $480 (8GB/128GB), $520 (8GB/256GB)

We've converted the leaked global prices of the A52 and A72 to US dollars, and, needless to say, there will be different tags for different markets, but the ballpark for the Galaxy A52 seems to be around $400, while the 4G Galaxy A72 models would hover around $500. The eventual A72 5G model would probably be pegged at the $600 mark, just like its predecessor. 
These prices are not far from what Samsung charged for the Galaxy A51 and A71 at launch, with only Verizon's A71 5G UWB version coming at a higher tag, so those who are looking for affordable Android handsets will have the chance to grab a very good value-for-money ratio. 

Why? Well, high display refresh rates and optical image stabilization, for one, as well as big batteries and fast charging, what else could one want from the $400-$600 range. How do you feel about these Galaxy A52 and A72 prices.

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