No more Galaxy S25 Plus? Samsung might ditch the model from the S25 series

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No more Galaxy S25 Plus? Samsung might ditch the model from the S25 series
Bad news for Samsung fans! The Korean company might be ditching one of its flagship models, according to a recent dig by Android Headlines. As the official unveiling of the Galaxy S25 series draws near, model numbers start to appear on certification registry sites.

Our colleagues at AH found several model numbers, including SM-S931B/DS, which corresponds with the vanilla Galaxy S25 model, and SM-S938B, SM-S938U, SM-S938N, and SM-S9380 for the Galaxy S25 Ultra. The "B" letter designates that the model is heading to Europe, the "U" shows it's a US model, and the "N" means it's a South Korean model.

However, it turns out that there's still no model number to be associated with the Galaxy S25+. And while a bit circumstantial, this might point toward Samsung ditching the middle child in its lineup. Samsung has been sticking to the same three model lineup since 2020, after the company dropped the compact S10e and introduced the Ultra model.

Samsung ditching the Galaxy S25 Plus. Our take

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If we try to objectively find reasons for Samsung to be ditching the Galaxy S25+, the obvious one would be sales. This argument can't hold the cold hard data, as Counterpoint research shows that Galaxy S Plus model sales have increased by 53% from the S23 to the S24 series and account for 21% of the total S24 devices sold.

Another argument against dropping the Galaxy S25+ model is the current offerings from the main competitors. Apple introduced a Plus device to cater to big-screen enthusiasts, and Google seems to be doing the same with the Pixel 9 lineup and the further diversification of the models into three separate devices.

Galaxy S25 series features and expectations

The Galaxy S25 series is expected to drop early next year. Samsung will probably announce the new flagship models in January or February. We expect the usual hardware upgrades, all models will most likely come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processors, tuned for Galaxy.

You can check out our dedicated Galaxy S25 hub for every bit of information regarding Samsung's next flagship phones, and meanwhile, drop a comment below. Will you miss the Galaxy S25+ if it's really gone from the S25 lineup?

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