Galaxy S23 users who were sent One UI 6 Beta 3 by mistake will have to do a rollback

Galaxy S23 users who were sent One UI 6 Beta 3 by mistake will have to do a rollback
Galaxy S23 users have already received the first two One UI 6.0 Beta releases which not only takes them closer to the final version of the One UI 6.0 interface and also to Android 14. The new Android build is included with the One UI 6.0 updates, both Beta versions and the final stable release. The latest One UI 6.0 Beta was released to Galaxy S23 series devices in Germany and the U.K. and contained the build ZWI4. And there was a hidden meaning to that build number.

The next to last letter in the build number ZWI4 is "I" which is the ninth letter of the alphabet and indicates that the update was developed in September which is the ninth month of the year. Considering that the previous update, the second One UI 6.0 Beta, had build number ZWHO indicating that it was developed in the eighth month of the year, or August, ZWI4 would be One UI 6.0 Beta 3.

But there were a few things "off" about this third Beta release. One, Samsung did not make any announcement about it, and the update followed the second Beta release by just one week. Also odd was the fact that it was the first One UI 6.0 Beta released in the U.K. As a result, many felt that this update was a hotfix released to fix some bugs that resulted from the previous release. After all, Samsung had to send out a hotfix for the first One UI 6.0 Beta, so why not one for the second Beta? The small size of the update also seemed to be a sign that the release was a hotfix.

Was build number ZWI4 the third One UI 6.0 Beta or was it a hotfix? The truth was something completely different. A Samsung community moderator revealed (via AndroidHeadlines) that the update was an accidental release. The moderator, who is in charge of beta updates in Germany, wrote a Galaxy S23 user (machine translated from German) "The version you have was released to users earlier than planned."

The moderator let it be known that Samsung wants users to erase the ZWI4 update. He wrote, "A rollback from [the] ZWI4 version on Smart Switch is about to be rolled out and I would request you to do this so that there are no complications with further updates in the future." He also noted that the ZWI4 build was on Samsung's servers for a short period of time, but some people managed to install it. The regularly scheduled One UI 6.0 Beta 3 update should be coming along soon.

Normally you'd expect the previous year's flagship model, the Galaxy S22 line, to be next in the queue for the One UI 6.0 Beta program after the Galaxy S23 series. But Samsung changed things up this year by starting the program for the Galaxy A54 mid-ranger after the Galaxy S23 line. The Galaxy S22 series will then come next.

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