Render of the LG Stylo 6 reveals a teardrop notch, thinner bezels and a higher aspect ratio

Render of the LG Stylo 6 reveals a teardrop notch, thinner bezels and a higher aspect ratio
There are at least a couple of things about the LG Stylo series that get consumers excited. First, the phone is affordable and while it doesn't have flagship specs, it does have a stylus. Some consider it to be a poor man's Samsung Galaxy Note. With the LG Stylo 5 nearly a year-old, its successor has appeared in a render posted by tipster Evan Blass. While Blass didn't have any leaked specs to pass along, the render does show some interesting changes.

The Stylo 5 display weighs in at 6.2-inches, carries an FHD+ resolution of 1080 x 2160 and an 18:9 aspect ratio. If the render is legit, the Stylo 6 will have a teardrop notch allowing LG to reduce the size of the bezels and increase the aspect ratio. The display does look taller and thinner on the render than the one on the Stylo 5. The rear panel shows a horizontally mounted camera module with a fingerprint scanner directly underneath it. And yes, the render shows that the new Stylo will have a 3.5mm earphone jack.

This year, LG has some stiff competition for the Stylo with the Motorola G Stylus. The latter is priced at $300 but has some decent specs for the price. That should be no surprise since Motorola started its climb back to the top by really delivering the goods in this segment of the market. The Motorola G Stylus is powered by the Snapdragon 665 chipset and features 4GB of memory and 128GB of storage. It also has a quad-camera setup if you count a depth sensor as a camera. And a 4000mAh battery keeps the device running all day.

As the LG Stylo 5 nears its first birthday on June 30th, the LG Stylo 6 gets closer and closer to its official unveiling. We won't know until we see the specs whether LG can keep consumers excited about the latest Stylo, or whether those hungry for a low-priced phone sporting a stylus turn to Motorola's entry in the category.

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