Vote now: What feature would make you buy augmented reality glasses?

Vote now: What feature would make you buy augmented reality glasses
The topic of today’s poll is augmented reality! Google tried it a couple of years ago with its Google Glass project but apparently it was ahead of its time (or ahead of our morals).

Now the time has come to revisit the subject - no other than Google showed its second take on augmented reality during the I/O keynote back in May and many people were wowed by that presentation.

Technology is evolving and we might wake up in a world where instant translation of every sign you look at is a thing. Picture a future where you can go to Japan and understand everything and everybody without the need to study the language for years. And that can be applied to all the countries around the world. Freedom!

But augmented reality glasses have many other applications, some of which are equally exciting. Hands-free navigation with virtual signs showing where to go, your speed, and other valuable information would also be amazing.

You can also use them for tutorials and guides. Actually, the Enterprise edition of Google Glass has been used that way for many years - to show instructions and useful information to workers in factories, assembly lines, etc.

We shouldn’t forget the entertainment sector - whether it is pure AR games or adult entertainment, there’s a niche, and for many people these features are important (our poll is anonymous by the way).

So, let’s see what particular feature would make you buy the next Google or Apple Glasses! Vote in our poll and add anything that’s missing from the answers in the comment section below.

What feature would make you buy augmented reality glasses?

Live translation/transcription of text/speech
Hands-free AR navigation
Hands-free still image, video, and audio recording
AR Games
18+ applications
Fashion and design AR applications
AR tutorials and guides
Other (leave a comment)

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