Vote now: What smartphone brand do you currently use?

Vote now: What smartphone brand do you currently use?
It’s time to start the flame wars again! I’m just joking, we’re all friends here. In all fairness, I can’t remember having written a poll about our readers’ weapon of choice. And that’s a big miss. There’s no need to blabber about how important smartphones are; we all own one, and some of us probably have a couple of these little buggers.

And while there’s an unhealthy (in my humble opinion) dichotomy in the United States, leaving people with almost no choice other than Apple and Samsung, I believe that our core readers have the guts, curiosity, devotion, and means to reach out toward other brands.

Now, after the flattering part has been dealt with, it's time for some mourning for the dead. LG. I bet many of you still use phones from that brand, as they were actually pretty good when they were still around. I’m not sure if anybody is dedicated enough to rock an HTC or a BlackBerry, but LG is absolutely making it into our poll.

We also need some ground rules - only your primary phone counts! No backup phones, work phones, “my dream phone that I plan on buying.” So, that’s it. Let’s conduct our little market share analysis here on PhoneArena and see what’s what. Feel free to comment, especially if you don’t see your brand of choice among the possible answers. Happy Friday, and happy voting!
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