Vote now: How much storage do you need on your phone?

Vote now: How much storage do you need on your phone?
The microSD card is dead! Well, not exactly - there are stubborn companies that still offer that feature in their flagship phones, but the big guys - Samsung and Apple - have stripped their top models from the ability to expand the onboard storage. Is it such a big deal, though? Well, for one - removing features is never a good thing, and furthermore - some midrange phones are still rocking the microSD card (Samsung A53 for example). What gives?

Maybe it all boils down to our smartphone habits. I'm still using my old and gold Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 128GB onboard memory, which I can expand via the strange proprietary nano memory slot but I just don't feel the need to do so. For me, 128GB is absolutely enough, but then again, I don't shoot many videos (the actual number is close to zero). 

I can imagine someone doing 4K video work frequently could easily run out of that 128GB, so different people - different needs. We did the same poll about a year ago, and the results showed that the majority of you guys voted 256GB with the 128GB option coming a close second.

It will be pretty interesting to see if our memory demands have increased in the past year and a half, so we're doing this again. It's also worth noting that this question doesn't exclude microSD cards - if you need 512GB and aim to solve this by going 256GB onboard plus 256GB on the microSD (if there is one), that's perfectly fine. The actual demand is what really matters.

As always, vote in our poll and share your smartphone storage situation in the comments below.

How much storage do you need on your phone?

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