Vote now: Have you ever rooted your smartphone?

Vote now: Have you ever rooted your smartphone?
Smartphones are pretty powerful nowadays, and they can do almost everything a full-blown laptop or desktop PC does. That's what the theory says, anyway. In practice, there are many limitations, and even though some of them are intrinsically woven into the smartphone design itself, there are limitations put there by the manufacturers.

That's where rooting comes in. Rooting basically gives you full access to your smartphone—you can tinker with system apps, install custom roms, and make use of all the sensors in whatever way you want. People had done some crazy stuff on rooted phones, including running PC games like Doom and Quake and installing a full-blown Windows operating system.

Of course, you don't have to mutilate your phone after rooting it. You might just want to get rid of a system feature or an app that annoys you, or install something normally unsupported. Well, rooting comes with some disadvantages, too. You void your warranty, and there's a good chance you'll brick your device and render it completely useless.

I personally rooted a couple of phones over the years, mainly because I needed to run some automation and Android didn't allow it at the time. Now Android is much more customizable, but there are still instances where rooting might be the only option. As a disclaimer, we should say that we don't advocate rooting, and as stated above, you'll lose your warranty and possibly damage your phone.

That being said, have you ever rooted a smartphone? What was the experience like? Vote in our poll and share your stories in the comments below.

Have you ever rooted your smartphone?

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