Vote now: Do you have dual SIM on your phone?

Vote now: Do you have dual SIM on your phone?
Do you remember the time when you had to carry several phones in your pocket in order to stay connected to all the possible branches of your life? One phone for your coworkers and boss to call you during your work hours. One for your family and friends, and who knows, maybe a burner phone for your mistress (you naughty you) or whatever shady business you're up to in your life.

Dual-SIM functionality was both novel and uncommon at the time. I remember manufacturers trying to hop on that train and making triple-SIM and even quadruple-SIM devices, such as the LG A290 and the Flying F160.

It was a real treat to be able to have multiple numbers on one device back in the day, and only a select few were lucky enough to rock these phones. Fast forward to the present day, and today the dual-SIM feature is almost always there, whether it shares an SDcard slot or is on its own.

But do people really need this? The modern business climate now lets people use their personal number for work if they wish so, and there are clever ways to split contacts and schedule calls on a single SIM.

Today’s poll is a two-fold affair. First, let’s see if you have this feature on your phone. And second, check to see if you guys really use it. Vote in our poll, and share your multiple-phone-number situation in the comments below.

Do you have dual-SIM functionality on your phone?

Yes (two SIMs are in)
Yes (but I don't/rarely use it)
I don't really know...
Other (leave a comment)

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