Vote now: Does your phone battery drain faster in the Winter?

Vote now: Does your phone battery drain faster in the winter?
And here we are on the sensitive topic of phones and battery life. We've touched on this from many different angles, but the fact of the matter remains the same: batteries are failing us. Now, that may sound a bit radical, but lithium-ion technology is half a century old.

Companies have somehow managed to convince us that one day of smartphone battery life is completely normal and acceptable. Just because we've been trained to charge our gadgets every night doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. Who wouldn't want a phone that lasts a week on a single charge? After all, we had this when phones were dumb, and then phones evolved but not batteries. Which is kind of sad.

But we've digressed. Winter is coming, as one unfortunate Stark used to say, and with this season, things are getting worse on the battery front. Well, in theory, lithium-ion batteries drain faster in colder environments. These cells have a very narrow operating temperature range and don't like to be too cold or too hot, for that matter.

But is it really the case? Have you noticed your phone's battery draining faster during the winter? We guess it depends on many other factors—a winter in Alaska is not comparable to one in Hawaii, for example but you all got the idea. We're trying to assess if cold weather really poses a problem for smartphone longevity. Vote in our poll, and as always, share your first-hand experience battling the cold.

Does your phone battery drain faster in the winter?

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