Vote now: Do you need a headphone jack on your smartphone in 2022?

Vote now: Do you need a headphone jack on your smartphone in 2022?
Here's another controversial topic for you - the headphone jack! Some say it's a thing of the past, while others proudly slap it on their phones and call them Xperia. Well, there are other brands that hold on to the 3.5mm audio jack, all jokes aside - the Zenfone 9 is one such device. Despite its compact size this phone boasts an audio jack and it is the reason to resurrect this poll, actually.

I was going to bed and wanted to listen to something calming (Eric Satie's Gymnopedies were my actual choice), and realized I don't have anything wireless at hand. So I grabbed my good old Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and plugged them straight into the Zenfone. We can argue all day about sound quality, cables vs wireless, battery life and range, and stuff like that, but the simple fact that you can just plug in almost anything 3.5mm and start listening is super handy.

Now, we all know how things work - every big smartphone manufacturer has a wireless earbuds lineup, so why encourage people to use their old (and sometimes way better) wired headphones than leave them no choice but to go wireless and buy a new pair? This is just one side of the coin, and many people don't feel this way - for many people the ability to not get tangled in cables (remember the dreaded knot of death when we used to pull a wired pair of earbuds from your pocket?).

So, maybe there's a potential for debate here. We asked the same question one year ago, and the results were pretty convincing - more than 75% of the voters wanted their 3.5mm jack back! Maybe things have changed a year later, who knows. Let's check this out! Do you need a 3,5mm headphone jack on your phone? Or you're perfectly fine with wireless Bluetooth headphones, or an adapter for that matter?

Vote in our poll and share your audio preferences in the comments below!

Do you need a headphone jack on your smartphone in 2022?

Yes! Bring back the jack! Now!
Nah, cables are for boomers...
I don't really care
Maybe use an adapter?
Other (leave a comment)

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