Vote now: Do you use 5G on your phone?

Vote now: Do you use 5G on your phone?
The 5G revolution! It was promised to us years ago, and yet - there are regions and spots completely lacking this next-level connectivity of the future. To make matters worse, there are several frequencies that fall into the “5G” spectrum, low-bands, mid-bands, millimeter waves, and so on and so forth. It’s difficult to wrap our heads around it sometimes.

And the question really is, do we need this thing? Are we using it to its full potential? Because as hype and novel as it sounds, most people would be perfectly fine with a 4G (LTE) data connection on their phones.

Granted, 5G can be amazing with its low-latency and high bandwidth for things like smart self-driving cars, drones, high-precision critical connected equipment, etc. But do we really need the gigabit download speeds and microsecond latency on our phones?

Well, that’s not exactly the question we’re asking today, maybe we’ll leave that discussion for sometime in the future. Today we want to know if you’re actually using the 5G connectivity on your phone. Whether it’s a mid-band or a mmWave one, just tick the box (check for a 5G sign next to your connection strength indicator)!

It’d be pretty interesting to see where the 5G penetration really is at the moment, regarding consumer smartphone devices. Every modern smartphone has the “5G” moniker in its name but do they actually use it? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts on mobile data in the comments below.

Do you use 5G connectivity on your phone?

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