Vote now: Do you use battery saving mode on your phone?

Vote now: Do you use battery saving mode on your phone?
Ah, batteries! The one area of modern electronics that is lagging behind. Today we have 4nm chipsets, organic LED displays, 100x zoom cameras in our smartphones but the lithium-ion cells inside still use pretty much the same technology from the day they were invented, back in the 60s.

The truth is that smartphone battery life hasn’t improved much in the past couple of years, manufacturers just try to cram up bigger batteries to offset the more powerful chipsets and brighter screens. For the last, let’s say 5 years, one solid day of battery life is the average you can get out of a modern flagship phone.

That’s where all the battery saving modes come in. My confession is that I’ve never used them, and I realized that a couple of weeks ago during one mountain trip when I realized that the 20% charge left in my smartphone won’t last to the next hut on my journey.

So, I turned the battery saving mode on and managed to get there at 5%, plugging in and putting my battery anxiety to rest. It’s a true story that begs the question “do people really use these battery saving modes?” And that’s exactly what we’re asking you today.

Vote in our poll and share your energy saving stories in the comment section below.

Do you use battery saving mode on your phone?

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