Vote now: Are you happy with your current carrier?

Vote now: Are you happy with your current carrier?
Smartphones may be one of the best inventions alongside hot water and toilet paper but these little personal communication devices are nothing without the proper service. Now, carriers come and go, and they do so with a truckload of promises.

There’s a lot of fine print involved, and at the end of the day you may have signed your deal with the devil but it just can’t be helped. At the place where I live now, cellular services are quite good, from a technical standpoint - there’s 5G, data speeds are awesome, call reception is good, etc.

However, my carrier has decided for some reason that it should pump MB into my account automatically whenever I run out of data. Which is ridiculous, and I have to cancel every single one of these little transactions every single time by SMS (which costs almost half of the package I’m receiving).

So, there are caveats and hidden underwater rocks everywhere, but I’ve decided to check how the situation is around the world. Are you happy with your phone carrier? Is it too expensive? Are there any small and annoying things you wish gone? Or is the service just not good enough?

Maybe you’re perfectly fine with the plan you’re on, who knows! Vote in the poll and share your happy or frustrated stories in the comments below!

Are you happy with your current carrier?

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