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Pokemon Unite MOBA coming to Android and iOS in September

Pokemon Unite MOBA coming to Android and iOS in September
Niantic kicked off the Pokemon Unite beta on Android back in March, but the game is scheduled for release much later this year. Not only that, but developer Niantic announced Pokemon Unite will first be available on the Nintendo Switch, which is set to drop in July.

The mobile version of the game won't be out until September, but a definitive release date hasn't been unveiled yet. Interestingly enough, Pokemon Unite will feature cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, or at least that's what Niantic plans to implement by the time the mobile version is out.

That means that players who log in using their Nintendo Account or Pokemon Trainer Club account will be able to use their game data on any device. Basically, you can play at home on a large TV screen using the Nintendo Switch version, or play on the go using the mobile version.

Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that features 5v5 team battles. Before a battle, each player chooses one Pokemon, which will experience huge growth and even temporarily evolve during battles. Players can then select the moves the Pokemon can potentially learn in battle, as well as a held item.

All Pokemon will get stronger as they learn a wide range of new moves, so it's up to each player to find the playstyle that suits them best. To win a battle, your team must have a higher score than the other team when time runs out. To earn points for their teams, players must gather a certain currency called Aeos energy, which is obtained by defeating wild and opposing Pokemon.

The key aspect of the game is that different Pokemon will have different strengths and weaknesses, so players must choose specific roles they want to play in a battle (i.e. attacker, supporter). As expected, Pokemon United will be free-to-play, but we have yet to learn whether or not the game will feature in-app purchases.
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