Play Store working on an easier way for you to view form-factor ratings for apps

Play Store working on an easier way for you to view form-factor ratings for apps
There's no arguing that getting an accurate idea of what an app is and how it's rated before downloading it to your phone is important. Also, it's important how much an app is fitting for different form factors: we have phones, tablets, and even fancy foldables these days. We don't want a weird-looking app on a tablet now, do we? And the Play Store is already doing a pretty good job of offering you such info.

But Google is working on making those ratings even more accessible. The folks at Android Authority and leaker AssembleDebug have found hidden in version 41.7.16-31 of the Play Store a useful tweak that Google is currently working on. It's a small but welcome change that will make viewing form-factor ratings easier.

Right now, you have separate chips for various form factors, and you can tap on each to view the rating. However, the app ratings will be displayed inside these chips (so no need for tapping one each), if this feature becomes official. As you can see on the second screenshot, the rating is right there next to the form factor so you get an instant idea of how this app will look on a different type of device.

Google is working on other improvements as well, like automatically opening newly installed apps. All of this is aimed at making your life easier and saving you time, and I value this.

Personally, I'd love to not have to tap, scroll, and look around endlessly on my phone (we all have lives to live!) so if something saves me time, even if it's just a few seconds, I welcome it. After all, a second here and a second there can amount to a lot of time overall, don't you think?

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