Android 13 DP1 allows Pixel 6 to run on Windows; another sign that a foldable Pixel is on the way?

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Android 13 DP1 allows Pixel 6 to run on Windows; another sign that a foldable Pixel is on the way?
A tweet from XDA developer kdrag0n (via AndroidCentral) reveals that the developer was able to get Windows 11 to run on his Pixel 6 series device as a virtual machine. This was achievable after Google released Android 13 Developer Preview 1 last week. A virtual machine uses software instead of a physical computer to run programs and apps.

The update features a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) allowing the kernel to run as a hypervisor so that Windows 11 can have access to the phone's CPU, memory, storage, and a network. Despite the lack of graphics acceleration, the developer said that Windows 11 is "really usable" and reports that he was able to play "Doom" using the Windows VM. XDA has posted the complex technical background explaining why this works.

We should point out that root access is required although there is a workaround that is pretty complex. If you miss having some sort of Windows operating system on your handset, you can check out several previously owned units on eBay priced as low as $10.20. If you were totally in love with the HTC HD2, the Windows Mobile powered smartphone is available previously owned with 512 MB of storage for $40.

Meanwhile, for the huge majority of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users, the fact that with Android 13 DP1 installed a knowledgeable developer can install Windows 11 on their phone won't mean a thing to them. But there is something in the first Android 13 Developer Preview that might be of interest to more Pixel fans and those interested in foldable phones.

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XDA states that the Pixel Launcher on Android 13 DP1 offers support for two different home screen layouts. This might be a sign that Google is looking to release a foldable Pixel handset during the third or fourth quarter of this year. Earlier this morning, we passed along a tweet from the CEO and co-founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DCSS), Ross Young, sharing some details about the Pixel Notepad.

According to Young, production of the foldable Pixel's panels will start-up in the third quarter of this year with the device expected to be released during the fourth quarter.

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