The first step toward the release of Android 13 was taken by Google today

The first step toward the release of Android 13 was taken by Google today
Android 12 was released on October 4th last year, and Android 12L for larger-screened devices like tablets and foldables should be launched next month. And today, believe it or not, Google has released Android 13 Developer Preview 1  for Pixel handsets.

Next month, Google will release Android 13 Developer Preview 2. In April and May Google will launch two Beta releases of Android 13 followed by one more in June and the final Beta release in July. Those two will have Platform Stability which means that both Betas will be close enough to the final stable version of Android 13 that they can be installed without much concern.

Google will offer versions of Android 13 with platform stability starting in June

For many Pixel users, the launch of the Beta releases with Platform Stability will be the first time they might feel comfortable installing the new build on their handsets. The final release of Android 13 could be dropped as early as September looking at the timeline Google published on the developers website.

Developer Preview 1 and 2 are not for consumers. The big hint is the use of the words "Developer Preview." Developers begin the process of making sure that their apps will work with the new build. If you're the average guy on the street with a Pixel handset, wait for the two builds with Platform Stability (which will be Beta 3 and Beta 4) before installing Android 13. If you don't mind the possibility of having crummy battery life or finding features you need disabled, you might install an earlier Beta release but don't say that we didn't warn you.

To make sure that the average Joe doesn't even attempt to install the two Developer previews, Google is making them available to be installed only via manual download or by flash. Once you've installed a Developer preview on your Pixel, all subsequent Developer previews and Beta releases will be offered OTA through the final release.

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Earlier today we told you that Google will soon offer to top-shelf Android phones one of the coolest new Pixel features. This is a system that picks out the main color of the user's wallpaper and uses it to color app icons, menus, and other items. This is being built into Android 13 as Google notes.

Expect more information to be released at Google I/O 2022

Google writes, "Starting with Android 13, users can opt into themed app icons. With this feature, app icons in supported Android launchers are tinted to inherit the coloring of the user's chosen wallpaper and other themes." Android app developers are also being informed about the new Photo picker tool which "provides a safe, built-in way for users to select media files, without needing to grant your app access to their entire media library.

We should learn a lot more about new features for Android 13 during the Google I/O Developer Conference that is expected to be held in May. Google says that "privacy and security" remain the focus with the overall goal of "building a responsible and high quality platform for all by providing a safer environment on the device and more controls to the user." The website also includes a place for developers to send their feedback of the Android 13 Developer Preview to Google.

Google is also offering to developers guidance on how to optimize their apps for tablets, foldables, and Chromebooks. The company says that now is the time for developers to get ready for these types of devices and  design fully adaptive apps that fit any screen. 

The company adds that it will build into Android 13 some of the updates that it will be adding on Android 12L to help developers take advantage of the large number of large-screened Android devices available. Google says that there are more than 250 million large-screen Android devices currently active.

Even though Google stopped officially naming Android builds after desserts with Android 10, internally the practice has continued. Android 12 was known inside Google as Snow Cone and Android 13 is Tiramisu.

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