The FaceTime hack, a golden iPhone, and Escobar’s $2.6 billion lawsuit against Apple


Remember "Pablo Escobar's brother" second foray into phone manufacturing and marketing? Just like the first, it was pure gold, as you can see in the unboxing promo video above. 

Well, not exactly pure, as it subsequently turned out that the golden finish can be peeled off revealing a Galaxy Fold underneath but the Escobar Inc corporation achieved its goal of global attention nonetheless.

Roberto Escobar is intent on keeping Escobar Inc into the news cycle, though, and barely waited for the coronavirus lockdown to start petering out, and is now suing Apple, of all things.

While we thought he was planning on destroying Samsung with a hammer, given how the tool was used to smash an OG Galaxy Fold on camera, it has been Apple's cash pile that he was after all along. 

The potential haul from the $2.6 billion lawsuit is perhaps meant to jumpstart Escobar Inc just in time to wrap the Fold 2 in glitter and gemstones, or it could be dismissed as frivolous, you be the judge.

Pablo Escobar's brother sues Apple over FaceTime security flaw on his iPhone X

Roberto Escobar’s premise for the lawsuit is that he bought an iPhone X back in April 2018 when it was still cool, specifically because the rep told him how secure Apple's iPhones are. Subsequently, he claims, a mysterious "Diego" entity "hacked" him via FaceTime, and got hold of his real address. 

Diego apparently sent a menacing letter to said address, forcing a bit of an overreaction from Roberto who said he took his entourage and relocated, and is now suing Apple for... moving expenses, beefed up security, and emotional distress. You can't make this stuff up but we'll surely follow the case through its paces if there has indeed been a FaceTime-based security flaw that Apple subsequently plugged.

Escobar Inc and the golden iPhone 11 Pro

Roberto is not resting on their potential $2.6 billion laurels, though, but is developing and expanding the shiny Escobar Inc business just in case the lawsuit doesn't pay out. This time around, he has just begun selling an ESCOBAR GOLD 11 PRO handset which, you guessed it, is a "24k gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro," model of last year. 

It's not the gold part that colors us skeptical about the 24k finish, although there is that as well, but a brand new 256GB iPhone 11 Pro for $499... come on, now, Roberto! Yet Mr Escobar claims that his intentions are to expose Apple's gluttony, and he has even acquired the domain where he details the goal of the lawsuit.

Apparently, Escobar will be uploading there "proof showing how the people of the world were scammed by Apple Inc, buying crap for crazy prices." If the proof holds and Roberto Escobar manages to win the lawsuit, the proceeds will be shared with said scammed by Apple folks, claims Pablo Escobar's brother. Watch this space, and the trademark ESCOBAR GOLD 11 PRO phone promo below.

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