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Oppo A53 explodes in man's pocket, leaving him severely injured

Oppo A53 explodes in man's pocket, leaving him severely injured
Just a few years ago, the internet was exploding with reports of the Samsung S7 Edge catching fire and sending people to the hospital, thanks to a critical battery issue which was later addressed. Then just last month, an iPhone owner sued Apple when his iPhone 6 suddenly exploded, seriously injuring him—and these are by far not the only cases.

It appears that Chinese mobile manufacturer Oppo has just joined the fray of spontaneously combusting handsets, when a video surfaced showing the aftermath of when an Oppo A53 exploded while inside the pocket of a middle-aged resident of India.

The victim worked as a driver and in the video, he reports that he always charged the phone with its original factory charger, and only ever used it for basic functions such as making phone calls and surfing the internet. 

The video taken by the man's friend shows an official document proving that the phone was bought directly from Oppo in August 2020, which is a mere ten months ago. Naturally, the phone is still under warranty, as the document shows.

When the phone suddenly exploded in the man's pocket as he was going about his daily business, the battery completely shredded not only the phone's entire aluminum back, but also both of the man's legs—leaving him bedridden for a solid while, by the looks of things.

There is barely anything left of the phone, with the back ripped up and charred beyond recognition, up to the top third of the device. 

Oppo has yet to issue a statement regarding the devastating incident, or even to acknowledge what happened. If the victim was indeed using the entry-level handset as it was fully intended, than this is indeed a terrifying scenario which Oppo would do well to address.

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