The OnePlus Tab is about to get much better thanks to OnePlus Open's awesome multitasking!

OnePlus Open’s excellent ‘Open Canvas’ multitasking is coming to OnePlus Pad
OnePlus launched its first foldable phone very recently, and it impressed the tech world with its combination of great hardware and outstanding camera system, but also with the level of polish on the software side of things. One feature related to the OnePlus Open's software experience is the multi-tasking tool called 'Open Canvas.' Now, Open Canvas is coming to the OnePlus Pad as well.

What is Open Canvas?

One of the main benefits of a larger screen is, of course, having more space to work with. Yes, having a big display is great for entertainment, but it also makes working and carrying out tasks a much more pleasant experience.

OnePlus' Open Canvas solution aims to make multi-window handling more seamless and natural. It allows users to customize the size and aspect ratio of app windows they have opened up. On the OnePlus Open, you have a cap of three apps in total that can be opened simultaneously: two are running side by side at all times, while a third one remains as a visual cue to the side, always a tap away. (via 9to5Google)

Now, it would make sense if that cap increased for the OnePlus Tab, as the display is much larger than that of the OnePlus Open. Unfortunately, when OnePlus let owners of its first tablet know that Open Canvas is coming to the OnePlus Tab in an AMA on Reddit, it did not specify whether it would function the same way as on the OnePlus Open or if it has any differences and what they might be.

Nevertheless, this sounds like a potentially massive upgrade for the OnePlus Tab, making the tablet's potential as a productivity tool much more potent than it was during its launch at the beginning of this year. It seems like the company is catching the lead on large-screen Android devices.

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